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The citizens of Prince George, BC decided to create a greenway for the community. After many years of organizing and planning, they succeeded with the creation of the Cranbrook Hill Greenway. It protects and preserves a natural corridor that provides opportunities for recreation.This corridor contains 25 kilometres of multi-use trail for runners, walkers, cyclists, skiers and horseback riders.

The Cranbrook Hill Greenway Society

The Cranbrook Hill Greenway Society is a non-profit organization with a membership comprised of the groups and agencies listed below. The Society manages the Greenway on behalf of Prince George. A Board of Directors is elected from the membership.

The 2005/2006 Board of Directors:

Chair: Robin Draper
Vice Chair: Warren Burkinshaw
Secretary: John Sutton
Treasurer: Dick Voneugen
Director: Karen Peterson
Director: Bjorn Norheim
Director: Katie Zammit
Oliver Hui
Gys Koops

Cranbrook Hill Greenway Society

2923 Ridgeview Drive
Prince George, BC
V2K 3T5

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Cranbrook Hill Greenway Society
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